Wood-polymer composite is a modern flooring, which “SAVEWOOD” company uses for finishing terraces, piers, porches, balconies, garden paths, patios, as well as swimming pools and spa areas. You do not need special care for the SAVEWOOD board, it does not require painting and special treatment means.

The WPC board from the SAVEWOOD company is advantageous to use for swimming pools finishing, because it can be easily cleaned with a brush with water and a special detergent. This coating is not afraid of exposure to moisture, fungi and other harmful effects of the environment.

SAVEWOOD products -is an excellent combination of the best qualities of wood and plastic. SAVEWOOD  floor finish does not differ from natural wood flooring externally, but it has significant strength and durability that no other wood is capable of.

If you want your pool finish to be stable, durable and not to give you too much trouble with special care, the SAVEWOOD company gives you a wide range of wood-polymer composite products with a smooth glossy and sanded surface.

Decking around the pool

Nowadays, decking is one of the best materials for pool finishing (wood-plastic composite board based on original PVC).

Decking made by “SAVEWOOD” is not exposed to rot, doesn’t absorb moisture and is resistant to chlorine.

The “SAVEWOOD” is the largest Russian manufacturer of wood-plastic composite boards.

The manufacturer’s warranty period is 15 years.

Our company produces decking of almost any complexity.

Most people installing the pool do not always know how their beach area will look like.

In this section we show you the options for the decking that we produce.

The most common ways to lay the decking:

Method №1.

Planking on metal construction.

Method № 2

Planking on a concrete floor.