We offer a wide range of accessories for the high-quality installation of WPC decking. We produce all components by ourselves. We use aluminum beams for the supporting structure.

Thanks to their unique shape they can be twisted into constructions of almost any complexity, without the use of angle pieces.

The decking clip is screwed down and held by the entire length of the screw, not by the upper edge, which will eventually loosen and the board will start to rattle underfoot. Thanks to our high production volume, we’ve achieved a minimal retail cost. The aluminum anodized F-shaped profile is used for the corners and framing the perimeter of the patio and the ends of the board.

Wood-Plastic Composite Board in F-profile can expand along the length, thus you will always have an even contour of your terrace.

When using corners and end boards made from WPC, the evenness of the corners and the appearance of the terrace will look beautiful only for the first season.

We produce the clips from 1,5 mm thick stainless steel of AISI-430 grade.

We do not use galvanized steel as after stamping the clips, the zinc remains only on top. At the ends there remains an unprotected metal. Having a small thickness and being in a humid environment, the galvanized clip starts to rot.

Aluminium clipping beam. 

Standard length – 4 metres.

Dimensions: height 25 mm, width 40 mm. The inner cross-section is designed for self-tapping with a thickness of 3.9-4.5 mm

The cost – 10.5 rubles per 1 r/m

Aluminium F-shaped profile is designed for board thickness of 25-26 mm. Manufactured in anodised or painted versions.

The standard length is 4 meters.

Dimensions 55 * 32 mm.

Cost 20 rubles per 1 r/m.

Dipping clip for WPC board.

The material – stainless steel.

The thickness – 1.5 mm.

The cost – 0.66 cents.

On request it can be made of galvanized steel. 

The cost – 0,40 cents.

Anti-slip threshold corner. 

It is manufactured in a coloured version. Standard length 4 meters. 

Dimensions – 54*41 mm

Cost 10.5 roubles per 1 r/m. 

Shock-absorbing rubber pads for beams.

Size – 51 mm * 45 mm.

The thickness – 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm.

WPC installation beam.

Standard length – 4 m.

Dimensions: height 33 mm, width 48 mm. 

Cost  – 7.00 rubles per 1 m.

Adjustable feet

Made in Turkey, Italy, Russia