Decking (WPC)/ the wood-plastic composite is made by mixing (by extrusion) polymer – woodmeal – chemical additives which improve physical and mechanical properties.

PVC (used for windows), PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene) can be used as a polymer base.

Eco-friendliness of PVC decking.

Some consumers have certain prejudices against the flooring made of polymers due to misconceptions about its ecological characteristics. We must realize that PVC products are not actually harmful to human health and do not contain toxic formaldehyde or lead.

To compare the toxicity of plastic decking (polymeric) with natural decking, we can quote the fact that all wood species when used for construction purposes are treated with protective agents, as well as impregnation against insects. Such substances also contain insecticide additives, and therefore speaking of their perfect environmental friendliness in comparison with PVC products is also not necessary.

Polymer decking: advantages

The use of PVC decking has important advantages over natural decking:

  • extreme simplicity in maintenance – PVC decking can be easily washed with soapy water or a washing machine;
  • high operational characteristics – polymeric decking does not splinter, does not crack, does not warp;
  • Polymer decking is resistant to contamination of varying degrees, the processes of rot and mold.
  • PVC decking does not absorb moisture;
  • polymer decking has a high dimensional stability, which confirms its advantage in coastal construction;
  • polymer coatings do not need to be painted, it is not exposed to rodents and insects;
  • PVC decking is thermal resistant and can be easily machined – cut, drilled, sanded.



  • There is a higher proportion of woodmeal than polymer (70/30) (this is intended to be cheaper). With this ratio, decking acquires hydrophilic properties of wood fibers, so it absorbs moisture and can swell – it has a moisture expansion, this factor strongly reduces the lifetime of up to 5-7 years. It is also more brittle due to the lack of polymer bonds.
  • There is a lower proportion of woodmeal than polymer (40/60). In such a ratio, the board loses its aesthetic properties. It looks and feels like regular plastic and can also be slippery.
  • Woodmeal is equal to polymer (50/50). In this ratio, the optimum balance is achieved so that the above disadvantages do not occur. This decking will last a long time.


Plastic decking

If the choice of building materials for flooring is wide – parquet, laminate, chipboard, etc., then plastic decking is usually ordered for gazebos, balconies and swimming pools. The reason for this consumer attachment is that any other cladding material becomes unsuitable in these conditions. That’s why the purchase of plastic decking becomes advantageous at its uncompetitive price.


When faced with the task of building a decking floor, the first problem for the consumer is the choice: wood or plastic? Of course, each material has its pros and cons.

Supporters of natural wood will vote for eco-friendliness and reject harmful plastic. Only every time they start talking about the naturalness of wood products, they forget about the care it requires. That means coating with paint, varnish and applying protective compounds on the surface. All these products themselves are not environmentally friendly, and their application requires regular use. Such products are called wooden- polymer composite decking.

Plastic decking does not require such care. It doesn’t need to be painted, treated with antiseptics or covered with other special products.

Another advantage of plastic is the absence of various splinters that a wooden product can have, no matter what level of polish it undergoes. In terms of the breadth of colours available, plastic decking is simply perfect for customers.

Plastic decking.

It is not difficult to buy plastic decking. The price of plastic decking is also not excessive and is affordable even for the average consumer.

You will be able to estimate the benefits of the material in a few years, during which you will not have to worry about regular care of the coating, and its appearance will not change its original gloss and presentability. Modernity, reliability and functionality are the obvious advantages of plastic decking.