WPC flowerbeds are a beautiful, profitable and durable decision!

The Salix decking is perfect for flower beds.

This kind of board has smooth ends, which prevents the soil from getting into the grooves of it and the bed always stays clean – that is very important for the housewife.

WPC decking height – 163 mm.

length – 4 and 6 m. 

Aluminum profile gives rigidity to the construction.

For calculating the cost of a high bed for self-assembly:

One running meter costs 12.40 rubles.  That is a multiple of 4 or 6 meters.

One 45% corner 163mm long costs 8.00 rubles. That’s a multiple of 1 meter (45.00 RUB).

For an example of a 2*1 meter high bed you would need:

Board 6m-1 piece =74.40 rubles

Angle 4 pieces =32 rubles

Total: 106,40 rubles